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Problem with page redirect ifrom frame to another page

Hi, I have added visualforce page inside tab using <apex:dynamicComponent>. when i click on a button in visualforce page inside iframe, it's redirecting inside iframe only. How to redirect to another entire page out of iframe? 

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Am not sure how your re-directing to other page, so better try using JS to open the page in parent window. Or if you can post your code, I can help better.



Ankit Arora

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Hi Ankith,


        Actually i have created tab panel  and tabs inside tab panel using <apex:dynamicComponent>. In every tab i have added VFPs using 'iframe' since we can't use 'include' in dynamic components. The problem is when i click on the button in visualforce page inside iframe, the page is redirecting inside iframe only showing with header and  header and side bar. Now i want to display redirected page outside iframe. 


In Tab Panell:

component.apex.iframe ifmEst = new component.apex.iframe();
string strEst = '/apex/EstimatePage';//?id='+job.Id;

 Estimate Page:


function jsf(){
         window.open = "/apex/hello";
in controller: 

PageReference secondPage = new PageReference ('/apex/hello');
        return secondPage;

  Here when i click on button in EstimatePage, it is redirecting to hello page inside iframe only, i want to navigate to hello page out side iframe completly