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Salesforce to Salesforce

Hi all does anyone know how i can select all opportunities that havent been shared via salesforce to salesforce? I've got the following


Select o.RecordType.Name, o.RecordTypeId, o.Name, o.Id, o.ConnectionReceivedId From Opportunity o where o.RecordType.Name = 'MCS' and o.ConnectionReceivedId = null


I thought it was ConnectionReceivedId but when i share an opp that this query pulls back it still shows when i re-run the query.




For that Please create one view on opportunity with below mentioned details:-


1) View Name:- Not sent

2) Filter By Owner:-All Opportunities

3) Filter By Additional Fields (Optional):- In this please select

     a) Field- Sent Coonection name

     b) Operator :- Does Not Contain

     c) Value:- Put your connect name for you want to select all opportunities that havent been shared via salesforce to      salesforce


Press save..


Then you wil get all the opportunity then haven't shared.....Select all and forward

Mick MuMick Mu



Im not creating a view im selecting the opportunities from an apex class.


<h3>use ConnectionId = networkId,


where networkId is Id of those connection with you are sharing your record</h3>