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how to use Jquery in visualforce

Hi ,


I want to use Jquery in visualforce , can i have any materials to learn jquery in salesforce , 

plz any materials send that url







In order to use jQuery in your visualforce, either you have to load the jQuery js file as a Static Resource in salesforce or you can use the CDN's.


Once included in the page through the <apex:include> tag, you can then use the jQuery file as you would normally in any other HTML page. You might also have to call noConflict().


For further information, you can go through this link:



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Satish Kumar

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It is very Simple to use jquery in salesforce (VfP)


First you have to download the jquery files and make a zip folder.


And then create a new static resource in your org. (You can find static resource in side bar under develop link)


When you create a static resouce by click on new button then it will ask you for upload you zip folder or single file.


Basically we are provide files to our salesfroce org.


After doing this On your visual force page you can include the jquery files you want to provide to you page.


eg . how include the files

        <apex:includescript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.YOURSTATIC_RESOURCE_NAME,'PATH OF YOUR FILE ')}"/> 

           PATH OF YOUR FILE = 'bin/jquery.min.js'  ==> 'Folder name / file name'

   <script src="{!URLFOR($Resource.YOURSTATIC_RESOURCE_NAME,'PATH OF YOUR FILE ')}" />


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You can learn how include static resource in vfp 




Some time we don't use static resource and use the files which are placed on CDN by give the url of that file.

But it is not a good Practise. 



Ashlekh Gera