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Hello community,


                          i have a doubt related to portals  that is how the System Admin knows wether the partner login in partner portal or customer login in customer portal


 thanks for giving reply (in advance)




Hello Ravi,


A user who is partner portal user can login only to partner portal, similarly a customer portal user can login only to customer portal. Now to identify whether the user is login in you can check the license type of the user or the login history of the user. Following are the license type :


Partner portal licenses: Bronze (Basic) Partner, Silver (Standard) Partner, and Gold (Strategic) Partner.


Customer portal licenses: High Volume Customer Portal, Authenticated Website, Customer Portal Manager Custom and Customer Portal Manager Standard (not available for new customers)


For details please refer:






Thanks for giving reply 


          i want to know as a system admn whenever a customer or partner logged in to salesforce, i should know which one has logged in . How should i know whether customer or partner logged in .....


     need a quick reply please.


             thanks for giving reply(in advance) 


Hello Ravi,


At present there is no functionality which will automatically let you know if any user (customer/portal) has logged in. For this purpose you will have to go to the user detail page of that particular user you want to know the login details and in the login history you can check when, with which browser user logged in.


The reason why this functionality is not supported is if there are thousands of user then it would be so annoying for the system administrator if he/she receives lot of notification when who logged in.


Also you can run report on login history to get the login history of the users.