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Edwin KEdwin K 

Customer Portal apex inputField



I wat to ask about vf page in customer portal.. I have created the visualforce page and set it into custom tab, in the visualforce page I have apex:inputField. The problem is the apex:inputField not showing in the customer portal but in standard instance, it's showing.. Is this the limitation of customer portal for not showing apex:inputField tag in visualforce page or is there something needs to be configured..

Any suggestions would be great...




Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Hi Edwin,


We can show the field on customer portal, you might be missing a small step i.e. give visible permissions of field to customer portal profile. If by giving permission your problem didn't get resolved , please let us know which object(Custom , Standard) field are you using to display on VFP.



Ankit Arora

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HI Ankit,


We are also having the same issue of apex:inputField tag not visible on customer portal sites for standard object Question. We have given all permission to the object like read and create and we have  also given FLS permissins to all fields but still its not visible.


Are we missing any permissions for Questions or is it something else?


Please let us know any workaround ASAP.