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Not enough look-up field Criteria Filters (limit 10)

I have an object that has a lookup field, but I need more than 10 criteria filters. I have called salesforce premier support to ask for idea about a work around but out of the 3 cases started to get help no one has come up with a solution. I've attached an image to show my filteres and object fields.


Criteria Filters





Thi sis a limit used to help preserve the performance of the system.  The more logic applied to the filter can sprial the timing out of control.


There are a couple of ways to get areound the issue (depending on how much effort you want to put in).  Both essentially involve moving some of the selectivity logic out of the Lookup Filter.


1. Use formula fields.  The ides here is that you need to reduce the number of fields being checked.  What you can do is to create a picklist field on the Course Recrd object with the names of the Record types you are checking for. You would then create a Workflow Rule on the Course Record object which would run on every save and would look at the course record and the course and compare the Record Types.  If they are the same, it would trigger a field update to set the picklist field.  If they are different it would set the picklist to be blank.  Then you could create the lookup filter to run on the picklist field:


Course Record: Picklist Field equals value UM Studies, Advanced Course of Study, Course of Study, BGTS, Cert in Specialized Ministry, ...


2. You could create an Apex Trigger that would run on save of the Course and Course Record.  It would do the same thing as the WF above.  You would then run the same lookup filter.

Hope this helps



Thanks for the suggestion. We tried something very similar but with no luck. Tomorrow we'll follow your suggestion and let you know. Thanks again.

Any one using this solution for lookup filter limitation.  I would like to know if this is better solution or writing validation rules is better?