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Syncing all contacts in salesforce with outlook contacts

I have been looking at integrating Salesforce with Outlook using the

Outlook addin for Salesforce. We are using Group Edition.


We would like to download all the Salesforce contacts to Outlook for each of our users. The Outlook addin

seems to have filters which limit us to synchronising contacts that belong to the specific user. As we're running the Group edition, I have just realised we don't have the

option to customise the filters.


Is there a way change the filters without upgrading? Or any other recommended sync tools?




SFclouds Technologies Pvt LtdSFclouds Technologies Pvt Ltd

Hi Kate,


We are he Safesforce leading partner for USA & working globally for Integration & Synchronization project. All you require is an app integration to solve your concerns. Please get back to me at hina.gupta@sfclouds.com or skype-hina.sfclouds