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sequential approval process in sales force

hi ,


i have created 3 users .


one user as administrator

second user as basic user and the profile is sales force

third user as profile user and the profile is standard platform


as a administator i have created approval process and provide accesses of custom object to basic user but unable to give to profile user as the custom object settings are in disable mode.


now with basic user i have created record and sent for approval for two users administrator and thirduser that is profile user it is sequential aproval process means once the first approval is aprroved the mail should go to second approval.


it first triggerd mail to administartot  after he approved it went to profile user that status is shown in  the user record screen who has initiated the approval process.


but here the problem is when i have loggen in profile use iam not able to see the record to approve it.



what is the problem could you please solve this issue as i have requirement to implement it......






Hi Lakshmi, 


We do not have basic user and profile user in Salesforce and "Salesforce" is the license type but not profile. 

Licenses are Salesforce, Platform etc. 

Profiles are System Admin, Standard User, Read Only User etc. 


As per your description, I understand the user who has to approve does not see the record - for which you have to check if that user has access to that record in the user's Assigned Profile Settings and the Object Level Permission Setting to identify if the User has access to the Object.