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Ketan Solanki29Ketan Solanki29 

Report with Rich Text Area field not exported with its formatted text

I have created Notes field with Rich Text Area(32768) on Opportunity object when i store notes related to that opportunity with formatted text while i export using reports i am not getting it with its formatting.


for example i have added Notes like below.


  1. Sample header
    • sample text line 1
    • sample text line 2


And i am getting in exported report like.


Sample header sample text line 1 sample text line 2



Please suggest me If there is any option available in salesforce to get same rich text formatted data on exported reports as we have entered in rich text area field.







Hey Ketan,


I did some research and unfortunately wasn't able to get any workaround to get the rtf values as is in reports.

I think it is a good use case and would appreciate if you could post this as an idea on our idea exchange so others can promote it and show its demand.