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DataLoader from command line


When I call the dataloader from command line (to insert 1000 items
and more)I get thousends of debug messages in my command shell.
Can I switch off this kind of logging some where?
(inserting does not perform because of all the output).

2nd question (this has already be ask by someone about a month ago,
but was never answered):
After inserting the items, the config.prop-File is recreated and the
passwort is gone. Why this? Is there any way to avoid this other
than copying an original file after each insertion?

Thanks a lot
See: http://blog.sforce.com/sforce/2005/06/sforce_data_loa.html

Make sure to take note of the information in the User Guide per step 4., above.

If you set the salesforce.config.dir variable and the directory you supply has the log-conf.xml file in it you should not get this level of logging.