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About the Fields of the designated sObject

Hello everybody,I have used salesforce for some time,but now I have to seek help for some questions and need somebody can tell me, thank you very much!



1、How I can get all the sObjects(system's own and custom)?


2、How I can get the fields of any sObject which I have designated ? The sObject can also be the system's own or custom.


remark:Code was used in Apex Class.



In my system, I want to get all the sObject , and when I want to get the fields of any sObject, just need to give the sObject.


thanks to everyone for having a look at my questions.


If you know, please tell me.

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see the describeGlobal and describeSObject web service api calls.

The answer on the second floor is so badly, but also thank you for your action!


I know, the answers of many questions which I don't understand can be found from the api or other mode .


but, If post  question, I would not like to get the simple answer like this. Maybe, I want to get the answers


because of my work and it was urgent ,so I want to get the answers quickly.  I think many people have the


same opinion.