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Filtering out null picklist values in Report/Dashboard

In the report builder I have a chart based on report data, and I'm trying to filter out all the results where a certain picklist value is not defined (null).


So in the Report filters I added the condition if Picklist_Value__c does not equal "" .  This had the desired effect in the report's chart as all non-defined picklist values were filtered out. 


However, when I go to the Dashboard, import the report (refreshing just to be sure) the data appears with the null values unfiltered.  I don't understand why it would not be the same as the diagram in the report, but maybe it has to do with the fact that there is a hyphen.  I.e. it says that hyphen (-) has 21 results, valueA 13, valueB 6 etc... so it is not passing the filter.


Obviously I can't filter with a hyphen because it isn't a valid picklist value.  How do I prevent null results from appearing in my Dashboard?


When I Add a Chart in the Report Builder with the filter, the null values are correctly filtered out of the chart.  However, when I Run the Report, the null values reappear and are subsequently reflected in the dashboard.




Please follow the steps


  1. In reports add the filter Picklist_value__c not equal to
  2. Please donot add "" or null or blank or - in the filter criteria just leave it blank.
  3. Save & run the report. You can create a dashboard using this source report.Null values will not appear for sure !!

If my solution worked for you mark it as resolved.




Tony O'Brien 15Tony O'Brien 15
Hi, I am having the same issues as above, I am running a report on cases and trying to filter accounts that don't have case during a period. But I get back all accounts with or with out a case.
Regardless of the filtering attempts my reports continue to list records with null entries in the fieldUser-added image
adam cole 4adam cole 4
At the point when I Add a Chart in the Report Builder with the channel, the invalid qualities are effectively sifted through of the graph. Notwithstanding, when I Run the Report, the invalid qualities return and are accordingly reflected in the dashboard.
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murendeni Nenweli 5murendeni Nenweli 5
Any luck with this, anyone?
Swati TandaleSwati Tandale
Tried it using operator Field not equal to --> left it blank, clicked on apply and it worked! 
Thanks @dev_fire