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how to get APEX WSDL file

Hi Folks,
                        I have  a WSDL file ,when i gernerate a  class files from this it's geberated 21 classes and i want to run the following example which include import as follows(it is a example from apex code development pdf document):

package com.doc.samples;
import java.io.*;
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException;
import com.sforce.soap.enterprise.*;
import com.sforce.soap.enterprise.fault.ExceptionCode;
import com.sforce.soap.enterprise.fault.LoginFault;
import com.sforce.soap.enterprise.sobject.Contact;

the imports which are in red not recogined bcz these classes are not in the jar file which i have extracted from WSDL file So what iam thinking is may be i have a wrong apex wsdl file , so can any one suggest me to download the correct apex wsdl file  to generate all classes include which are marked in red! i have a 1 month subscription developer account.

Have a look at the Java Quickstart on developer.force.com.  It's got a lot of that stuff premade for you.
Hi, these classes which you marked in red color will get generated when you use enterprise.wsdl....try using enterprise wsdl in combination with your apex wsdl...


Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding Apex Wsdl.

I have previously used the enterprise WSDL for integration and i know how it works. But I am not sure of how the Apex WSDL works.

I tried reading the docs and forums, but could'nt get anything substantial. Can someone give a use-case of when to use Apex WSDL and how?

I am looking at knowing the basic difference between enterprise and apex wsdl! 

Many Thanks,