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Freeware for Salesforce

If you want to see what can be done in a few hours using the Sforce API check out the 2 new freeware applications that we have published. They can be found at http://www.crmfusion.com/freeware

One is a simple tool (Send2Salesforce) that will allow you to select several files in windows explorer and then use the "SendTo" menu to attach the files to salesforce Accounts/Contacts/Cases/Opportunities. You can also drag and drop files onto the desktop icon to add the attachments.

The other tool allows you to drag files from windows explorer to the Doc2Salesforce application and then add them as salesforce documents. You can also create/rename folders from the application, Delete documents or save local copies on your computer. By right-clicking on the documents you can open them up in salesforce.com

We've spend about 9hrs on each of the tools. This show you how powerful the Sforce API is when you can build functional applications in just a few hours.

Glenn Wilson
CRMfusion Inc.