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help on doing this

in my project leads are the prospects and contacts are the people.. I'm basically converting the prospect(lead) into people(contact) and before converting i need to check if the prospect(lead) already exists as people(contact) or not to avoid duplicate records,For this purpose  i use  prospect(lead) record first name soundex to match with people(contact) record first name soundex.The result will be a list of matching people(contact)records which i need to display on the VF page. On the VF page i must display a list in  which The prospect(lead) whom I'm trying to convert must be displayed as the first row of this list and second row onwards the matching people list will begin. Each row in the list will have a corresponding radio button.



                             first name       last name       company
radiobutton1)          jack                sparrow          infosys-------:>(prospect) lead record
radiobutton2)          jack                mathews        salesforce----->matching people (contact)record based on first name of prospect(lead) record
radiobutton3)          jack                fernandes       IBM -------------->matching people(contact) record based on first name

Hi Hack,
You have outlined the requirement in great detail and from reading your post one gathers that you do realize that its a complex requirement and would necessitate the use of considerable custom development via VF pages.
So what sort of help are you looking for :-
1. A way to do minimum development? If yes I am afraid this will be an elaborate development.
2. If you are aware that the custom development will be considerable - then are you looking for sample code something of that sort?
Do let me know ... what is it that you are looking for ....

a sample code would be useful cos i'm new to VF and apex or else some guidance on how to do it..:(:(:(its very urgent cos i've already crossed the deadline