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Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram 

data loader issue with managed package fields

Hi Community,


We have few fields from the groovy script managed package. These fields are not visible in the dataloader .


One more intresting thing is they are visible for the dev, fulltest sandboxes. But the fields in the production are not visible in the dataloader even in the ETL tools. 


I chek the field level security by field wise and profile wise both fulltest which genereated from the production  and Production. 

I did not find any difference.


Do any body share your experience to overcome this.

I appricate your for your time and help.



Hi Suree,


Managed package will consider both FLS and package access,

so even though you have FLS for that obejct, if you dont have package access you wont see it in dataloader.

Check whether you have package access in production?

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

I check with the MAnaged Package Object in Test Sand box and PRod i didnot find any difference. I am i missing any thing

Brahim HadiBrahim Hadi
Hello Suree,

1- Go to Setup | Installed Packages | Click on your managed package (groovy script) | Click on "Manage licenses" button | Click on "Add Users" button | Add yourself 

2- Close your data loader if it is open

3- Open your data loader and you should be able to see the fields of this managed package if set field level security settings are set correctly.

Good luck,

Bra Huda