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Newbie question Connecto to Web Service API from java code


I've done some data extraction from the API via .net, but never with java. My question is how to connect even though there is documentaion on that I was wondering if I can just add a web reference to my java project like in .net and start from there to make service calls, or do I need to use the ant stuff??? I guess I have a disconnect on this piece of it.

Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
There are some helpful quick start projects and other examples at: http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/Web_Services_API#Java

Similar to how you add a web reference to import a WSDL, usually in java environments (such as eclipse), there are plugins that convert the WSDL to Java classes. Search online for "WSDL2Java" for more information.

Thank you. This will give me a good start spot.
Anyone who knows how to implement salesforce web service in netbeans? I tried adding the .xml file as JAXBinding then I tried to tap directly to the url path, but no success so far. Any ideas, tips, pointers?