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Re-evaluation of Case Escalation Rule

Hi All,


We defined one case escalation rule for our application to send out email alerts regarding the case open status and age. The escalation criteria includes two fields of information, i.e current case owner role and case age. Thus, we created a list of escalation entries and actions to realize sending email alerts to current case owner and his/her manager depending on case age.


Case Owner Role A

Case Age > 3 ---> Manager of A

Case Age > 7 ---> Head Manager of A


Case Owner Role B

Case Age > 3 ---> Manager of B

Case Age > 7 ---> Head Manager of B


Besides, we have our own Apex scheduler class to calculate case age in business hours to update the case age field twice every hour. I would like to know if i define my rule entry in the following way, will salesforce re-evaluate the rule everytime my scheduler update the case age since the first time it match the criteria?  As a result, i am afraid our users will receive email alert twice each hour after the first time the criteria match.


Rule Entry:


AND( OR(Case_Owner_Role__c = "Email Agent",
Case_Owner_Role__c = "Email Agent Queue",
Case_Owner_Role__c = "Escalation Agent",
Case_Owner_Role__c = "Escalation Queue"),
NOT( IsCancelled__c ),
NOT( Is_Re_open__c ),
ISPICKVAL(Priority, "Low"),
VALUE( Case_Age_in_salesforce_Business_Hours__c )> 3,
VALUE( Case_Age_in_salesforce_Business_Hours__c) <= 7




When you are saying Class is running twice every hour, does that update the Case age even if it was updated in the last run and there is no change in the age required? If yes, then you might get two emails for the same.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. When the scheduler class runs, it will assign value to the case age field, while the case age might not be updated as it is by day instead of hour. In this situation, will the escalation rule be re-evaluated?