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Liveperson/Salesforce Integration needed!

Hello,  my organization uses Salesforce as our CRM but Liveperson as our web-chat and knowledgebase application.  There WAS an app in the appexchange tht integrated the two with the whole nine yards - custom tab, reporting, transcript documentation and case generation - but now it's gone. 

Liveperson uses "Ticket Numbers" as customer reference for support inquiries, we want all inquiries to receive Case numbers instead and to generate a Case automatically.

Is there anybody out there that can help us build this?
yes i am interested in helping you but please write little more details or excahnge email addresses. so that we can communicate there.
Write me directly at rick.banister@sesamesoftware.com, or call me at (831) 234-0754. We have a productized solution, Relational Junction, that could enable you to do this yourself with a few days effort. We also provide professional services if you don't have the time.
Hi there, I am wondering if your organization was successful in integrating LivePerson with Salesforce to auto create the case record? When we were sold salesforce we were told this integration automatically provided this functionality. It seems it does not and we need to find a way to get it implemented. Any update on your progress would be great! thanks!
Did you try calling LivePerson directly?
Take look at:



Did you happen to integrate LivePerson with Salesforce?


My issue is different, Live person want the js file to be beneath the liveperson variable in the Sites page but when we take source page of the sites page, all the js source files are accumulated in the head tag of the source page and liveperson variables are falling back.


Anyone implemented liveperson chat functionality in visualforce page or sites page?