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Storage usage reports Content=363, but I have no content

Hi All


My storage usage reports:


Current File Storage Usage    

Record Type   Record Count   Storage   Percent
Attachments   0              0 B       0%
Documents     2              5 KB      0%
Content       363            22.1 MB   100%
Photos        4              19        KB 0%


However, the following SOQL statement returns no records:


     [ SELECT Id FROM ContentDocument ]


I am the administrator with "View All" permission.


Can anybody explain this please?



Hi Phil,

Despite you being the administrator of the org you will not have visibility to a file/content of which you are not the owner. Its somewhat like things (reports + files) in "Personal Folder" , despite being an administrator you wont be able to view contents of a personal folder.

 So its not that you dont have content , you dont have access rights to the content ...


Also where are you running the SOQl (if its in a place where it runs in system mode , you should be able to see the records and if there you are not seeibg anything its a cause of concern , also the high count of content is driven by high count of versions of content files ... Try exporting them using the weekly export SFDC functionality and then perhaps you will get the actual count of content files ....)




Hi Ispita,


Thanks very much for the quick response.


However, this is my development environment and I am the only user.


The application that I am developing (APEX) creates ContentVersion (and consequently ContentDocument) records which are FeedItem attached to other objects.


However, when I delete those other objects and their associated FeedItem and ContentDocument records, the storage usage report tells me there is something left.  Over time, this has aggregated to a point where I am now hitting file storage limits.


Any further help would be much appreciated.


Hi Ispita


I am running the SOQL in the controller of a VisualForce page.


I have just exported the data  (Setup > Administration Setup > Data Export > Export Now > ContentVersion), which also shows there is no content.


Once again, any insight into this conundrum would be very much appreciated.


There is PublishStatus field on the ContentDocument if the value is 'R' then you wont be able to see any of the records.


Hi Ispita


I always create each ContentVersion record with Origin=H.


This consequently creates a parent ContentDocument record with PublishStatus=P