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Async API not enabled

I'm attempting to upload data into my Sandbox instance using the Bulk API. This works with Test Orgs that I've configured and used for some time. However, I just spun up a new Sandbox and I now get this response when attempting to upload data via the Bulk API:


"exceptionMessage"=>["Async API not enabled"],


What do I need to do to enable the Bulk API in my Sandbox? 


Two questions:

1. What tool are you using, if any, to load your data into the test org? 

2.  I apologize for needing to ask this, but is the user you are using to load the data into the test org in the System Admin profile?

I've written my own Ruby-based application that consumes the Bulk API directly. (as I mentioned, the application is able to upload data via the Bulk API in the case of Test Orgs)

The user is present in the System Admin profile.

One thing I notice is that in the Setup | Monitoring tree there's no link to "Bulk Data Load Jobs", as there is in my Test Org. This would lead me to believe somehow the Sandbox just isn't configured with the Bulk API...
You might have to contact Salesforce Support to enable Asynchronous API .
The REST API can also be enabled by contacting salesforce support.

Hope this helps.
Satish Kumar
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