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Convert enterprise object to partner

I am trying to convert an enterprise object to partner one, but I am missing something.


Can someone tell me if it's possible at all?  please see attached code.


What I want basiclly is the name retrieved from the Account. Do I need to change the code?  


I need to use the partner binding for the query. - So I need to work on the partner query result.


If I can get the account name from the retrieved data while in partner binding, please show me  :-)




// retrieve the account name to display on the form
SFpartner.sObject[] sObjects = m_partnerBinding.retrieve("Id, Name",
new String[] { l_formData.getAccountId() });

SFenterprise.Account retrievedAccount = (SFenterprise.Account)sObjects[0];
// store account name in trxData for later retrievel 13236
l_trxData.m_accountName = retrievedAccount.Name;





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Mind me.


sObject  !!!