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Is it support Enterprise Free edition to Paid Edition?


I m used to development edtion for develop some application and apex classes, afte that i used to free Enter prise Ediiton to migrate the data from Developer edtion to Enter prise edition. Using this i used one web application using Asp.net C#. Now its working fine.

Now i want to buy a fresh edtiion from salesforce. before i going to buy i nee to know something.

1. Is it New Edition allowed a previous free edtion datas?
2. Is it allow to a previous apex class and create a new Apex class?
3. If all is allowed, how do i migrate from free edtion to payable edition..





1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Well you can use Eclipse plug-in to move all the things from developer org to enterprise org.


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Thank you for ur reply..


Now i want how do i know which the best and minimum leel edtion and prices?