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Define automatically custom object, when the opportunity stage is changed

I try to find the best solution for the following problem: 

I have a custom object with Master-Detail relationship to opportunity. If the Opportunity reached a stage "qualified", the user have to fill in the custom object. 

Now if I reach the qualified stage, I have to open this custom object and if I try to close without to fill in, I cannot., because the fields are mandatory and dependent from the stage.

But If I have the qualified Stage already, I could define immediately to enter the mandatory field in my custom object, or when this object does not exist, the user must create it, when the stage is qualified.


Any Ideas? 




Do you want to create a custom object when the opportunity stage is changed or is it you actually want to create a record for already created custom object. I believe the later is what you are looking for, you can have a trigger to create a record in your custom object.





thanks :)