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Cannot create multiple custom fields using Metadata API

Hi all,


I can successfully connect to the Metadata API and create a custom field, but what I would like to do is create three custom fields all at the same time. From reading the Metadata specifications it appears I can provide the .create() method with up to 10 metadata components, so technically I should be able to pass it an array of 3 custom fields instead of a single custom field, and it should process them all with only one .create() call.


My code to create one custom field is as follows:


SFMetadataWSDL.CustomField customField = new SFMetadataWSDL.CustomField();


customField.fullName = "Account.TestField__c";

customField.description = "This is a custom field created by the API";

customField.label = "Test Field;

customField.formula = "HYPERLINK(\"http://www.cnet.com\", \"Open Cnet\")";

customField.type = SFMetadataWSDL.FieldType.Text;


SFMetadataWSDL.AsyncResult asyncResult = sfMetadata.create(new SFMetadataWSDL.Metadata[] { customField })[0];


This works just fine, but if I modify it to pass the .create() method an array of 3 custom fields, I cannot compile.


SFMetadataWSDL.CustomField[] customField = new SFMetadataWSDL.CustomField[3];


customField[0].fullName = "Account.Testfield1__c";

customField[0].description = "This is a custom field number 1 created by the API";

customField[0].label = "Test Field 1";

customField[0].formula = "HYPERLINK(\"http://www.cnet.com\", \"Open Cnet\")";

customField[0].type = SFMetadataWSDL.FieldType.Text;


customField[1].fullName = "Account.Testfield2__c";

customField[1].description = "This is a custom field number 2 created by the API";

customField[1].label = "Test Field 2";

customField[1].formula = "HYPERLINK(\"http://www.cnet.com\", \"Open Cnet\")";

customField[1].type = SFMetadataWSDL.FieldType.Text;


customField[2].fullName = "Account.Testfield3__c";

customField[2].description = "This is a custom field number 3 created by the API";

customField[2].label = "Test Field 3";

customField[2].formula = "HYPERLINK(\"http://www.cnet.com\", \"Open Cnet\")";

customField[2].type = SFMetadataWSDL.FieldType.Text;


SFMetadataWSDL.AsyncResult[] asyncResult = sfMetadata.create(new SFMetadataWSDL.Metadata[] { customField });


The compilation error I receive is "Cannot implicitly convert type 'SFMetadataWSDL.CustomField[]' to 'SFMetadataWSDL.Metadata'". I think I'm being an idiot here and have just missed something out - can someone point it out?





Hi ,


could you please post the complete code .I am trying by this way  i created one method in side the generated appex class


publicvoidcreatecustomfield (){

soapSforceCom200604Metadata.CustomField customField =


//customField.fullName = 'BES_VRM__Relationship__c.TestField__c';

customField.description ='This is a custom field created by the API';

customField.label =''Test Field'


//customField.formula = "HYPERLINK(\"http://www.cnet.com\", \"Open Cnet\")";// customField.type = soapSforceCom200604Metadata.FieldType.Text;

soapSforceCom200604Metadata sfMetadata =newsoapSforceCom200604Metadata();


soapSforceCom200604Metadata.AsyncResult asyncResult = sfMetadata.create(

newsoapSforceCom200604Metadata.Metadata[] { customField })[0]; 



Here i am not able to call //customField.fullName = 'BES_VRM__Relationship__c.TestField__c';  as fullName is not part of the appex generatd class .


Also i am getting  error in

soapSforceCom200604Metadata.AsyncResult asyncResult = sfMetadata.create(

newsoapSforceCom200604Metadata.Metadata[] { customField })[0]; 


the error is Save error: Initial expression is of incorrect type, expected: soapSforceCom200604Metadata.Metadata soapSforceCom200604Metadata.cls /DevOrg/src/classes line 3754 Force.com save problem


Please let me know your  comment on this .





Hi Matt


Try this:


SFMetadataWSDL.AsyncResult[] asyncResult = sfMetadata.create(customField);