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Permission settings - opinion

We have a post sales group that coordinates delivery of our product, and we have a custom object  that is a master detail to the opportunity to collect data on the details of this process.


My question is: how would you go about adding the post sales groups to these opportunities? We don't want to give them permissions until the opportunities are closed. However, they need to have read/write access to edit the scheduling of products. We also only want them to have access to the opportunities in the region in which they are assigned, so we don't want to grant them general opportunity access.


I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the profile settings we should use. I am leaning towards using sales teams and having the sales guys set up the default sales teams, then train them to manually add the default team when the opp is closed won. Ideally, I would like that to be automated, but seeing as I know nothing about apex triggers or anything of that sort (yet), I was looking for a simpler way.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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If your organization-wide default for opportunity is Private then;


You could trying using criteria based sharing rule on the opportunity.


For example when the Opportunity Stage is  Closed Won, share with XYZ.


Hope this helps.