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Chicago force.com consultant needed

We are an small Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) business in Chicago using Salesforce for CRM.  We would like to use this platform to build operations management tools in 1) Applicant tracking, 2) Event management & 3) Shipping & warehousing.  We would like to have some parts of the tools available to some of our clients. 
We would prefer a local consultant.
A GruenA Gruen
I'm with MK Partners, a management and technology consulting firm specializing in Salesforce.com and the Apex platform. MK Partners is headquartered in Los Angeles with consultants based in San Francisco, New York, and Israel. Additionally, we are in the midst of bringing on board a consulting team based out of Chicago.

I'm confident our conusltants can address your needs. Please be in touch at arigruen@mkpartners.com.


To whom it may concern

I may be able to help you with your request.

Please contact me on smoore10000@gmail.com.



I am salesforce.com freelance consultant.I can work with u guys remotely I am also available for contract based job.





We aren't local but we can definitely help you with this project.  In addition to being a Salesforce.com Consulting Partner and AppExchange partner we also provide recruitng and staffing services.  We have customized our own version of Salesforce.com to support our recruiting processes and have plans in place to enhance it further.  We plan to release a commercial version for salesforce.com in the near future and we'd love to talk to you about your needs.  We also consult with people on using Salesforce.com for event management and have worked with a few shipping companies.

Please give me a call or send me an email if you're interested in speaking with us.


Steve Wasula

Office: 321-296-7730

Check out our latest AppExchange product, Riptide Reference Tracking!  Use Reference Tracking to implement and manager your customer reference program.

Jim ProtheJim Prothe

I'm with Model Metrics, a Chicago-based Premier Consulting partner to Salesforce.com. We've got experience in custom development with the Salesforce.com platform and are confident we can help.

You can find more information about us at www.modelmetrics.com or contact me directly at jprothe@modelmetrics.com

CRM Advantage has the experienced resourses to complete this project. We are not in Chicago, however, have done many projects in the Chicago area. We typically set up a conference call to go over your needs based on your best business practises. From there, we develop a work orderr proposal. Please visit our website at www.crm-advantage.com, or check us out on the salesforce.com website under the partners/consulting partners tab. Please let me know when you have time for a conference call.
Thank you,
Chicago DeveloperChicago Developer
I am Chicago based and can help you with developing a Salesforce/Force.com site which will address your Recruitment processing outsourcing requirement. I have 3 years experience with Apex, VF, Force.come and more. I can design an interface which can be accessed by your client (securely)

You can contact me at chicagodeveloper@yahoo.com - Thanks