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php port blocking

After setting up apache2, php5 and cURL on my local WinXP machine to test a php-based sforce application, I've discovered that it can only access the SFDC web service when i disable my firewall (norton).
Which part of my setup is being blocked, and is it ocurring on a particular port? I'm running apache on port 8080 as my machine wouldn't let it run on port 80. I find it strange that my firewall doesn't alert me to the activity but just blocks it.
It appears to be a PEAR_Error ocurring in the SOAP_Fault module triggered from the Base.php file.

sforce is port 80; its likely that norton doesn't like apache making outbound network calls, and is blocking the traffic. (I would think in general that tools like norton are not great ideas for testing/developing server environments.)