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PHP Curl timeouts

we are getting regular timeouts on the PHP Curl libraries. I've extended the timeout from 4s to 10s but there are still problems. This mostly occurrs at close-of-business. Any solutions beyond further extending the timeout that would stop this from crippling our web portal? The site is hosted in Cedir Falls, IA, I really don't think there could be need for more than 10s round trip from IA to SFDC servers.

Adrian Fitzpatrick
Verve Software
The timeout isn't just to make a connection, its to execute the request and wait for sforce to respond. We default that value to 60 seconds in the Java sample, and recommend you do the same..
Hello Adam,

could you explain me how you set up the timeout in PHP?
I tried to set $client.Timeout(xxxx), but it doesn't make any difference.