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How to migrate .Net based applications/websites into SFDC.

I have .Net based applications/website, i want to move this full application to salesforce.How can i do this?


can you tell in brief what the functionality of the .net application is?


Yes SrikanthKuruva,


My .Net Application is the collection of Display and Database. Like i have one website and one database, website funtionalities controled by datatbase, like capturing customer info, email processing, doccument processing etc., and this full application has build in ASP.Net so I want to migrate this full application in SFDC. For display also there is different view for different users according to their profile.


Now you got it? Can you help me on this.?


following are few solutions in brief. choose the one which suits the best for you and if you need any more help we shall discuss further.

solution 1:

create a home page component on the sidebar of your salesforce instance and give the html body as follows

<A href="https://domain/folder/xyz.aspx"> create customer</A>

so now by clicking the link on the side bar from the home page you can access your application. don't forget to add the home page component to the sidebar.


solution 2:

create a webservice which will accept the customer info as parameters and expose the webservice to salesforce. create vf pages in your salesforce and do apex call outs to the webservice.


solution 3:

create custom objects similar to the tables (in your database) in salesforce. create vf pages and required functionality in salesforce using apex classes.

Thank you SrikanthKuruva,
Solution 2 and 3 will help for my question. I know that in place of creating from scratch i want some striaght way. Any other striaght way to change without creating newly in SFDC? Like for Java there is Heroku to work for, like this or any other way by which we dont need to built from start in sfdc.
I have checked solution 1st but it will not migrate .Net into SFDC right? it will be .Net only, our accessing will change?
Thanks for your rply.

yes solution 1 is just navigating to your .net application by clicking a link on sidebar in salesforce. i dont think you have anything like Heroku to migrate .net applications to salesforce. So we have to build it from scratch.


Ok i will try the other two options then.



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Hi Good Day 

I am having c# Application which will work based on the user login if any public message comes from social media it will send to logged in user based on some condition 

i want to integrate this application into Salesforce page.

How can i acheive this.