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cURL 60 ssl certificate problem,verify that the CA cert is OK



I encountered this error when I did with the doc Bulk API step by step.

For the Bulk API does not support Login,so I got this problem when I was going to login with SOAP API.


Find below the cURL command


curl https://login.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/22.0 -H "Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8" -H "SOAPAction: login" -d @login.txt


The error detail


curl: (60) SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failedMore details here: http://curl.haxx.se/docs/sslcerts.html
curl performs SSL certificate verification by default, using a "bundle" of Certificate Authority (CA) public keys (CA certs). If the default bundle file isn't adequate, you can specify an alternate file using the --cacert option.If this HTTPS server uses a certificate signed by a CA represented in the bundle, the certificate verification probably failed due to a problem with the certificate (it might be expired, or the name might not match the domain name in the URL).If you'd like to turn off curl's verification of the certificate, use the -k (or --insecure) option.


I would be thankful if you can give me a hand .





To fix curl 60 certificate problem, download the cert bundle from here :




save this as it is 'curl-ca-bundle.crt' in your root directory where you have curl.exe (windows) and it should fix it.