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Salesforce Changes/Issues?

After spending several hours running in one big circle, I was asked to post a thread here asking what happened at Salesforce yesterday (07/26/2006).
Here's the scenario:
Yesterday we logged into our system through Salesforce and received an error. Prior to this, there were no errors nor had there been for a very long time. We changed nothing connected to this part of our system.
Someone from Salesforce very quickly jumped in to help, which we greatly appreciate. Later that evening we had the latest, previously unreleased PHP toolkit in place. However, the original error was still there.
This morning I logged into our system through Salesforce, and the error was mysteriously gone. However, upon testing another part of our system, we were receiving a different error. I reverted to the version of the Salesforce toolkit we were using previously, and the new error disappeared. Strangely, yesterday's error did not reappear.
Our code, in the context of these two parts of our system, is now identical to what it was the day before yesterday. There are now no errors.
We were assured nothing changed in the Salesforce system. However, I would think myself intellectually dishonest if I accepted that both nothing was changed on the SF side, and also there were no system issues on the SF side, since today we are error-free using the exact same code we were using both the day before yesterday when we were error free, and also yesterday when we received an error.
And so, once again, the question I was instructed to ask by posting the details of this issue is, what happened over there at Salesforce?