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Need freelancer: Create two custom fields for Opportunities

I need help creating two custom fields that will go on the Opportunities Tab. They are very similar.


One will be called Non-recurring Revenue and the other is Recurring Revenue


The total of the two is the Opportunity Amount. The current Amount field pulls from all Products that are associated with the Opportunity. The products that I have are either Non-recurring or Recurring products.


Non-recurring Revenue = sum of products that are non-recurring

Recurring Revenue = sum of products that are recurring


I have used the Product Family feature as one way to distinguish each product as non or recurring and I've attempted to use a custom roll up field, but product family is not available. I'm open to other ways....


If there is an easy answer, I'm open to trying to implement any suggestions. I'm also offering to pay for support with this task.


I'm also going to post another request that will be titled "Need freelancer: Product Schedule - Monthly Quota" Please feel free to reply to both.



Hi David

I did something similar for another client about 2 weeks ago. Kindly drop me an email on salman.sheikh@gmail.com to discuss the solution further. In short it is do-able.

super developersuper developer

Hi David,


I have 2+ years experience in salesforce as developer. I have done different apps and many sites using sfdc. I have worked with 3rd party tools for integration like (apatar, informatica, pervasive ... etc) and done integration with mysql through java, integration with campaign monitors through webservices.

I am ready to show you my previous work in salesforce.com. So that you will know my capabilities. And also I am ready to face any type of interview in salesforce.com (sample requirement) to prove my strength. 
 Please do contact us

on Skype:dskvap





I responded on your other post but wanted to respond here also. We can also help you with this project easily.


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