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RoR and SFDC

Hello guys,


I'm in need of a little help.


I got an assignment to make a generic rails page from which any user can insert records into SFDC. 

There must be 2 pages, one available to an admin, like a control panel to set the required sObject for the form and easily add sfdc credentials, and another page to actually insert the record.

The form will be dynamic, ie it will change the fields depending on what sfdc has. I'm thinking this can be done through sObject describe calls, to get the metadata and construct the model from there...


As for the gem used to connect to SFDC, what do you suggest using, rforce or ActiveSalesforce? I must admit that I'm new to Ruby and RoR so I'm open to sugestions. :)


Has anyone done smth similar or do you know any examples on how to do this? 

Any bit or link helps.