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Need Atlanta-based independent consultant for part time work

We are a small IT Consulting company based in the Atlanta area.  We currently have two clients who need assistance in the business process analysis, requirements gathering, and configuration of salesforce.com.  Both have already migrated their data.

We probably will not be able to work with large companies or recruiters as the clients have limited budgets; however, this could turn in to a great long term off and on type project for the independent contractor/consultant.

If we could find someone who was truly an expert in salesforce but who also is a mid-level Java or .NET consultant there would be a possibility of this turning in to a full time job down the road if there is mutual interest.

We need someone this week, so if you are interested and local, let me know!

770 599 9959
Hi Lisa,

Not sure I'm understanding - so you've got two different clients, both of whom have used sufficient technical expertise to configure fields to migrate data into SFdc, and who have presumably written the scripts to extract and migrate that data.... but don't have the skills to do some due diligence on the preliminary steps of the SDLC? (reqs gathering, solution design, etc.) 

Just curious - I'm actually in CA and not a great Java/.Net resource, but was curious as to if I'm understanding your situation correctly, and how it got to its current point in time if so...


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