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Salesforce Customization Services

Does your business need assistance in making Salesforce do what you know it should?  Look no further as we can do it all for you! From something simple like creating a custom report to developing a fully integrated app to be sold on the App Exchange™- We have you covered!


Salesforce Superheroes is a US-based company of Salesforce and force.com experts dedicated to maximizing your business's production.  Whether your business needs help in Salesforce startup, customization, Apex™ and VisualForce™, app development or training.  Please contact us for a free, no commitment consultation at the information below or via our website at www.salesforcesuperheroes.com


Drew M. Cosentino
Director of Sales and Marketing
Salesforce Superhereoes

A Division of The Nerd Whisperers LLC
888.407.9578 x2
Email: drew.cosentino@thenerdwhisperers.com