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Using the LMA and AppExchange with Trialforce

I'm bringing to market a native Force.com app that will be initially offered through Trialforce and then later through AppExchange.  I'm looking for some confirmation about how I will manage the licenses.


I'm under the impression that prior to installing my native app into my Trialforce org, that I should register the managed package as a private listing in the AppExchange so that I can associate it with my LMO.  Then, when someone creates a trial, a lead will automatically be placed into my LMO.


Is this accurate or will my user count be controlled by the OEM platform licenses provisioned with my app having a "site license"?



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If you want to use LMA, then you are correct. You need to first upload the Managed Package to AppExchange and associate the Managed Package to your LMA on the AppExchange Publisher Page. Here you set your license defaults. Once done, then install the app into the Trialforce master and create your DOT.


Hope that helps,