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Changes to already public listings are not reflected in real time

In the AppExchange publishing interface, when you make changes to a Public listing, those changes are not immediately reflected in the AppExchange.


Example 1,


Upload a piece of content

Delete it

View your listing


The content is still there.


Example 2,


Change something in the Support tab, say, change the email address


View listing


The content reflects the old email address


What's the deal here?


Probably Akamai.  Please ensure that changes to the listing force Akamai to update its cache...


Package developers should have real-time control over their content.


You're right. There is caching for one hour on all pages. We do this to improve the performance of the entire site globally. If you login to the site and access the page, you will get the latest.


Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to command Akamai to refresh the cache through Sites today. So that is not a possibility. A good idea for the IdeaExchange however!




Hi Ryan, thanks for the response.


I think an hour is a bit overboard for this site.  It's one thing to cache static content, like the site's CSS, JS, etc.  It's another to essentially make the site stale on a one-hour rolling period.  Shouldn't 15 minutes be sufficient, at the most?


Thanks for the feedback. Originally, we thought the same but found that we were having problems managing our bandwidth and weren't obtaining the performance that we wanted globally. We worked with the Sites team internally and through a bit of trial and error ended up with the one hour cache. We realize it isn't ideal for publishers, but felt that the tradeoffs were worth it.