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Jim BoudreauxJim Boudreaux 

iOS/Android Native Development Hand-Holding Needed

I am a force.com developer tasked with developing a simple tableview app for iOS and Android. I want to develop the app myself, but I am facing a time crunch. 

I am now willing to pay someone to guide me through the process of getting a basic skeleton app up and running. I can take it from there. This is the app I want:


User logs in with their SF credentials and is presented with a list of custom object records, in the form of a table view with a disclosure button. Tapping the disclosure button gives them a detail view where they can edit and save. Tapping the list item drills down into a list of child custom object records with the same edit/drill down options. This goes 3-4 levels deep until the final list of records without disclosure buttons which just brings you to the detail page when tapped. Only the last list has an "Add" button for creating new records.


This is the basic functionality I am after. I have been working on it myself, but I am a total Objective-C n00b and I need help. 


Please contact me at jboudreaux@criticalsystems.us with the subject of this post as your email subject. Thanks.