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CRM Functional Consultant Available - Salesforce Certified Consultant & Administrator


I am a client-facing Salesforce.com Certified Consultant and Certified Administrator. I have worked with CRMs for over 15 years, with SFDC since June 2000 and SFDC consulting since 2007; I have a broad range of cross-industry experience with end-to-end implementations, customized configurations, and Phase II projects.

I help companies use cloud technology to their business advantage simply, effectively, and efficiently.
Simply put, my core strengths are:
* I get it
* I am process driven & an excellent project manager
* I leverage technology to manage projects & people
* I pick up software fast & have been working with CRM systems of one sort or another since 1994
* I understand the consulting model & how to engage consultatively with customers (internal or external) 

If you are using Salesforce.com and feel that it could or should work better for you or, or if you are considering buying Salesforce.com licenses but are unsure of how to get the best quality results in the shortest time I can help. I offer very competitive rates.

Please contact me at geraldine.gray@mail.com or view my full LinkedIn profile:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/geraldinegray

Thanks & regards
Geraldine Gray