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Leads created by the LMA

When someone installs my managed package in their org, two Leads get created in my org:


Lead One:

  • Lead Source = SFDC-IN|listingname (I understand that "IN" means the user started the install process.)
  • Created By is a User in our org
  • Belongs to the Campaign we configured it to belong to in the AppExchange Edit Listing page's Leads tab.
  • Owner = the Owner assigned by our Lead Assignment Rule

Lead Two:

  • Lead Source = Package Installation 
  • Created By is labeled "SFDC LMA DE ORG" but there's no User with the given User Id (00570000001iV8vAAE) in my org
  • Does not belong to a Campaign
  • Owner = the Created By User of Lead One, which is NOT the Owner that should have been assigned by our Lead Assignment Rule
  • Has a License record that points to it

While the AppExchange Publishing Guide (https://appexchange.salesforce.com/resource/1352496302000/help/index_Left.htm) does a reasonable job of explaining the Lead Source Codes and how they apply to Lead One, I don't see any documentation about Lead Two. 


  • Who is Lead Two's Created By User, and why it is different from the Created By User of Lead One?
  • According to the documentation, "the lead source code always takes the form of SFDC-XX|Listing Name or SFDC-dup-XX|Listing Name." Yet Lead Two's Lead Source clearly does not take that form. Why not?
  • If Lead One tells me that the user started the install package, what does Lead Two tell me that Lead 1 does not? Why do I have two separate Leads that indicate that my package was installed?
  • Why isn't my Lead Assignment Rule able to assign Lead Two to the same Owner as Lead One? (The Lead Assignment Rule currently essentially assigns all Leads to the same User, so it's not an issue with the rule.)
  • How can I get Lead Two to be owned by the User defined by my Lead Assignment Rule?

The last 3 questions are the most pressing. The others are more a question of curiosity.




Lead 2 is created by the act of installing the managed package into the org. This can be done via Appexchange 'Get It Now' and/or Trialforce (ie provisioning of a trial outside of appexchange.com entirely). Lead One is initiated when the user clicks 'Get It Now' ultimately but maybe they don't go through the entire installation wizard process. Lead Two also covers both 'Get It Now' and Trialforce provisioning. 


For the 'lead assignment' aspect, I don't know exactly why your Lead Assignment rules aren't working, but regardless for the 'Package Installation' leads (ie Lead Two), use the Lead manager field on the Package record in your LMA. The ISVForce Guide details this: 



I hope that helps.

Let me know if you have additinional questions.