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Looking for a remote admin and developer for a company in Moscow

Hello everyone!


We are an engineering company based in Moscow, Russia and are currently looking specifically for a Remote Freelance admin (not a company) /developer to handle our day-to-day tasks in terms of different customisations, fixings, configurations, like creating complicated customised reports and dashboards, providing customisation of forms within SF and implementing code.



If you are interested, please write below with your contact details, stating the number of years of experience you have in working with SF and your location.







Samba GSamba G

Hi Yulia,


Certified Developer (DEV 401), Visual Force, Apex, Force.com developer. I have 4+ years of experience in salesforce and integration MySQL, Soapbox Mailer, QuickBooks, Conga, DocuSign, Box. Import CSV file to salesforce and DataLoader. I always passionate about the work.

I am well qualified and have some experience in the following areas: JAVA, MYSQL, JQUERY, HTML5. I am always willing to learn new technologies and keen to develop good and long term relationship with my clients.


Please let me know if you have any questions.






Hi Yulia,


I am Certified Force.com and Salesforce developer from Minsk, Belarus.

I have 4 yesrs of experience in force.com development.


Email: dmitry.development@gmail.com

Skype: dmitry.saratokin






I am very interested. Please email me at anouks1208@gmail.com and I will forward you my resume. 




Hi Yulia,

I am an independent specializing in Salesforce Implementations.  I also have a developer I partner with for Apex needs. I'm Cloud and Admin Certified and I've been working on Salesforce for the last 10 years.  All of my clients are remote and I've worked with international clients on multiple occassions.  Please see my website www.kamelaarya.com or email me at kamela@kamelaarya.com and we can discuss further.