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Unable to compile example on set

Hi Folks,
                i am using set but i encountered following error , please refer my program:

1 public class SetDemo
2 {
3 Set<Integer> s = new Set<Integer>(); // Define a new set
4 s.add(1); // Add an element to the set
5 System.assert(s.contains(1)); // Assert that the set contains an element
6 s.remove(1); // Remove the element from the set
7 }

the compile error:

Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: 1 at line 4 column 7

I couldn't see anything wrong with it and can reproduce this with summer 08. Definitely strange.

I get a slightly different error:

ERROR: Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: newSet.add at line 4 column 1

public class setDemo{

Set<Integer> newSet = new Set<Integer>();



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Answered here:

Variables can be defined in a class but any type of code must be in a method.


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