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Way to Pass Date Via Hyperlink Formula Field

I finally figured out a way to pass a date to another custom object via the Hyperlink formula field function.  Since hyperlink is a text function that passes info via the URL, it won't normally allow a date type field.  Please let me know if there is an easier way.
Here is how I did it (warning, this is ugly):
Date field = {!Date__c}
1.  Create 3 custom formula fields as follows:
  • Year1 = Year({!Date__c})
  • Month1 = Month({!Date__c})
  • Day1 = Day({!Date__c})

2.  Convert each of these fields to text by creating 3 more formula fields:

  • Year2 = Text({!Year1__c})
  • Month2 = Text({!Month1__c})
  • Day2 = Text({!Day1__c})

3.  Create 3 custom TEXT fields on the object that you will be passing the date to:

  • Year1
  • Month1
  • Day1

4.  Create 3 customer NUMBER formula fields to convert the text to numbers:

  • Year2 = VALUE({!Year1__c})
  • Month2 = VALUE({!Month1__c})
  • Day2 = VALUE({!Day1__c})
  • 5.  Reassemble these three fields using a DATE formula field:

    DATE(Year2, Month2, Day2)

    Pass the Year2, Month2, Day2 fields on the first object to the Year1, Month1, Day1 fields on the second object through the normal Hyperlink function.