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Custom Object Conditional Date/Age Calculation Help

I'm trying to calculate a custom object's age based on conditional factors, but the formula is giving me fits.  I"d appreciate any insights you might have.
I have a custom object and want to create a field called 'Age' that shows the age of the object, but with some conditions.
If the object 'status' picklist = "Accepted / Confirmed" or "Cancelled / Lost" I would like this field to return the last modified date.  (ideally the date the status changed from stage history, but that's not a critical point for me)
If not, the age should be Today () - CreatedDate.
I can't seem to get this formula to work, has anyone done anything similar to this?

I acutally got this answered with help from Support (now that I know they can do that, they may get a lot more calls from me!)  Here's the formula in case anyone needs it.



Req_Status__c , "11. Confirmed by Requirements",

ROUND(LastModifiedDate - CreatedDate, 0), "12. ReqCancelled / Project Lost",

ROUND( LastModifiedDate - CreatedDate, 0), ROUND( Now () - CreatedDate, 0))