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Cross Object Formula Field Between Custom Object & Contacts

We are a nonprofit organization, using the Salesforce Volunteer Management application with some customization. Our goal is to be able to send a mass email to volunteers  (currently have look up relationship with contacts) with a particular skills or other information provided in a field to register for a Volunteer Event, which involves a second object called Volunteer Participant. We are using Form Assemble and an email template with merge fields providing information about a specific volunteer opportunity- this is successful when you send an individual email. The challenge is when you have to send out 40 to 60 individual emails- very time consuming.


Can this be done?


It was suggested we use cross object formulas between a custom object and contacts. Anyone willing to provide input and assistance with this?




Hi Ellen :-)  

What relationship does the custom object have to the Contact object?  Is it a Parent, Child, Sibling, or Master-Detail?




Glad to hear from you! :smileyvery-happy:


Currently, there are only look up relationships. When discussing with Support, there was a major issue with the fact that the email template did not allow you to choose a specific related object... as in "Related To".... and you chose the correct volunteer event. If you remember, our contact page fields are quite numerous...was not certain if it is a good idea to add more to Contacts, if we can avoid this...I am trying to recall exactly what would happen if we create a master detail relationship...






I'm downloading the Volunteerforce App onto my DevSFDC.org (the one that you have access to)


I am going to send you an email..


I believe that you can do that mailing merge if you use Conga Composer from AppExtremes on the AppExchange. http://sites.force.com/appexchange/listingDetail?listingId=a0N300000016b7FEAQ


We have been using their system for years and find it extremely powerful - you can combine field content from multiple objects into merges. You can even set it up to merge all the documents at once for a mass mailing. Check them out. You will not be disappointed.