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How to Limit Search Link to Specific Fields

Is it possible when using a custom link to run an advanced search to have the search look at only specified fields within the object?  For instance, I have a link on the Account detail page that runs an advanced search on Accounts and it uses a custom field value as the search criteria. The search returns Account records that have the value in any number of fields, thus usually returning more records than I am interested in.  I want to have the search return only records that have the specified value in a field or fields to be specified in the custom link.  Can this be done this way or in another way?
Take a look at the "Passing Extra Criteria to Reports" blog, it's at:

This worked for me to create a custom link that restricts the resulting report to records related to the Account that the link was called from.

But watch out, if the field your basing your restriction on has a comma (i.e., XYZ Design, Inc.), then it will treat the comma as a delimiter and you will lose the space character after the comma (i.e., XYZ Desing,Inc.). If
 you find out how to avoid the 'delimiter' issue, let me know.
That is not a bad idea.  I am hoping to get something that filters the search from the standard search box  and displays records based on the filter.  But if that does not work a custom link and report may work just as well.