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Force.com IDE won't save s-Controls that are part of a released managed package.

We have a release version of a managed package I'm working with and the Force.com IDE is unable to save changes to s-Controls in that package.  The problem appears to be that it's attempting to save both the s-Control and it's meta-data at the same time, though the meta-data hasn't changed.  SFDC blocks the save thinking (incorrectly) that I'm attempting to change protected properties of the managed s-Control.

Due to this issue I have to edit the s-Control via the web interface and then refresh it in Eclipse.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is SFDC aware of it?

Message Edited by EJW on 06-12-2008 03:52 PM
Bill EidsonBill Eidson
  EJ -

  Please give it another shot now; the most recent release should have fixed that issue w/ SControls.  If not, please contact me directly (I sent you a message) with organization information & we'll troubleshoot it further.


  - Bill
The org in question was upgraded to Summer '08 this weekend and it appears to have fixed the problem without any changes to the Force.com IDE.