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Override Contact Owner to be the same as Account Owner

Currently when a contact is created the owner defaults to who crated it.However, in our sales environment we want to have the contacts defaulted to the Account owner.
Is this possible?  If so -  How can it be done.
In addition, what would be the easiest way to mass update all the records if the process to handle this cannot correct what is currently there?

I realised the original post here is over a year old, but I also need the answer to this question!  As various people in our organisation create new contacts, I need the contact owner to default to the account owner on creation of the new contact.  At the moment the contact owners are in a mess, but I can sort this out fairly quickly using the Apex Data Loader.  What I am after is a solution going forward - once I've made all our exisiting contact owners the same as the account owners, what can I implement to ensure that any new contacts that are created have the same owner as the account they're being created in?  I'm not particularly techy (!) so if you're going to start talking to me about codes and rules, please give examples!


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I don't think you can override the Contact Owner field "on create" because that is a system generated field.  However, you could prevent users from creating Contacts inside of Accounts they do not own by adding a validation routine to the contact record

Error Condition Formula:

OwnerId <> Account.OwnerId


Error Message


*** Hey this isn't your Account, what the Hell do you think you're doing?!? ***





As far as updating the owner field on existing Contacts, that's pretty easy.  You can build a report that includes the Contact ID, Contact Owner ID, and Account Owner ID, then use the ApexDataLoader to override the Contact Owner ID with the Account Owner ID.


It's possible that you *might* be able to do something with a Workflow Rule and Field Update too.

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Hi Stevemo,


Thanks for you reply.  I see what you are saying, i think, although I am disappointed to read that you don't think there's a way to override the Contact Owner Field.  I don't want to prevent non-account owners from entering contacts, as new contacts are often added by our telemarketers and myself, although the appropriate member of the sales team owns the account. The investigation continues!

Steve :-/Steve :-/
You *might* be able to do it using some sort of Apex Trigger or something like that, but that's gettin' WAY outta my league. 
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I tried to do a similar thing a little while ago: I wanted to prevent the Account Owner from being anyone in Sales and, if it was, to automatically set it to be the EVP of Sales. I was totally unsuccessful. Bump for ideas on how to get this to work!

...and we still haven't figured out a way to accomplish this :smileysad:


The way I handle this is using the appexchange program Demand Tools.  It is a very useful program, well worth the money.  This is one of many data cleanup functions I use it for.