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Can leads have one to many relationship with a custom object?

Hi there,

When there is a lead , it’s possible to have one lead interested in multiple Projects (which is a custom object).

The issue I’m facing is that in the leads object, if I create a custom field with a lookup into the PROJECT object, you are only allowed to select one PROJECT from the lookup.

Is there any way to have a one to many relationship i.e. One lead to many Projects with only one lead record?

I know, this can happen using Master-Detail relationship data type, however this data type is not available under LEADS object?

How can I acheive this? Please advice.


Aashika -

You would define the lookup from the Projects custom object to the Lead standard object - this will give you what you want.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply.

If I create a lookup field from the project custom object that would give me one project to many leads kind of relationship.

Whereas the client is looking that one Lead could be interested in more than one project.

Any other ideas??
If a lead can have multiple projects, it is the parent. Lookup fields go from the client to the parent.  So I am not sure what the problem is here. 
Hi Rick,

The problem is the following:-

On the leads I created a new custom field called " Select Multiple Projects" which is Look Up field to the 'Projects" . I am able to select ONE project from this look up field, however if I have a LEAD who is selected more than one PROJECT then how will I do that??

The Lookup field only allows to select one PROJECT from each LEAD. If a LEAD is selected in more than one PROJECT then how do I get the user to select it????